I’m from Madagascar. I live in the capital named Antananarrivo. Madagascar is the biggest island in the Indian Ocean.

For books, I have an agency who manages all my editorial contracts. Please contact them directly with your inquiries. Their contact is in the About section. 

For a simple illustration commission, please email me directly. I can take illustration commission depending on my availability and the budget. 

It’s a very long story but to sum up, I’ve used a lot internet and books to educate myself and contact people overseas. We don’t have art schools in my country, so I had to find ways to make it happen through internet. I’ve had a remote position as an artist in a Chicago-based company during a year and a half before diving into freelancing on my own. In 2019, I was contacted by a scout talent who introduced me to my current agency.

Illustrator is my dream career and I’m still learning things to improve my job today.

A lot of what I know today are from my work experiences and documentation through books and internet. I suggest that you become members of international associations such as SCBWI ou AOI, they have resources and materials for beginner artists. 

Also, find out books and people that inspire you. I buy all my books on Book Depository, they ship worldwide for free which is something very important for someone who live so far away like me. 

And above all, enjoy the process !

I love Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Edward Tulane, Where the Wild things are, You are a beautiful beginning, and many more !